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Our Mission

Feed Cork helps bridge the gap for individuals and families that struggle between meeting pressing financial needs and providing nutritious food for themselves and their families.



Reducing Food Waste

Supplying Nutritious Food

Volunteer Opportunities


Our Services

Food Bank

After School Fuel


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On Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 - 12:30 you can avail of our Foodbank by appointment. We have a welcoming cafe with complimentary coffee, tea, cakes a pastries and a Food Pantry where you can have your choice of the products we have available that week.

Through working with DEIS schools in Cork City, we discovered that many children that attend DEIS schools are left hungry on the weekend. There are many that come to school very hungry on Monday. To fill this gap, Feed Cork have and developed their, After School Fuel Programme.

Pathfinder is our latest programme aimed at helping clients to relieve the tension caused by food poverty. We help to identify the causes of people's financial struggle and develop a pathway unique to each persons needs with the aim of establishing financial security for their home. You will work directly with a Caseworker who will help you along the journey.

Feed Cork has been in operation since May 2017. Since then we have been able to support the citizens of Cork City in a huge way. We have put back millions of euros into the pockets of our clients through food and other supports.

We have expanded our reach throughout the country helping to set up our sister food banks in Dublin, Drimoleague, Wexford and Clare.

The numbers to the right only capture half of the picture of social value we have brought back to our community this past year. The smiles that people see, the cups of coffee they receive and the dignity that they are shown is a huge part of what makes our service so beneficial.

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The Numbers This Year

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