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After School Fuel fills the gap for those children in our City that are unlikely to receive a square meal from when they finish school on Friday afternoon until they return to school on Monday morning

Whats we do for DEIS School Students

There are children in DEIS Schools in the City who avail of school meals during the week. However, at the weekend many of these children go hungry. Feed Cork has stepped into the gap and delivers seven nutritious meals and snacks to their homes every Friday.

We deliver🚚

🥣 2 Breakfasts 🥣

🍴 2 Lunches 🍴

🍽️ 3 Microwavable Dinners 🍽️

🍪 + Range of snacks 🍩

What are DEIS Schools

The DEIS programme is the Department of Education's main policy initiative to respond to educational disadvantage. The DEIS programme focuses on targeting additional resources to those schools included in the programme to ensure every child has an equal opportunity to achieve their potential

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