Food Poverty In Cork


In Ireland, food poverty is an ever increasing issue, recent findings by the Department of Social Protections disclosed 10% of the populations in Ireland are living in food poverty, and Cork is no different.


Helping individuals and families in need

Feed Cork is partnering with local agencies and businesses to help fight food poverty in Cork. We offer a food box filled with a three day supply of nutritional food for individuals and families in need.


Changing Lives

Feed Cork helps bridge the gap for individuals and families that struggle between meeting pressing financial needs and providing nutritious food for themselves and their families.


Our Vision

It is our desire to unite our community in fighting food poverty.


We are committed to uniting communities, businesses and agencies in the fight against food poverty in Cork

Raise Awareness

Feed Cork is dedicated to shedding light on food poverty and offering solutions to those in need


Food poverty impacts more than just people’s stomachs, when individuals have access to healthy, nutritious food the effects are far reaching, touching and transforming lives in a myriad of ways.


We provide a 3 day supply of nutritionally balanced foods to families and individuals in need

Take Away Hunger

Since our doors opened at Feed Cork in 2017, we have received a great deal of support from our partners at FEAD, FoodCloud, Tesco, and other local businesses. Due to their ongoing help we are able to distribute 250 well balanced, nutritious, food baskets to individuals and families in need on a weekly basis.

In addition to what is donated by our partners, Feed Cork supplements each basket with a weekly purchase of meat, vegetable, and dairy. We are able to purchase these food items at a discounted price through our partnership with local businesses and nonprofits.

How can you help?

For the low cost of a €3 takeaway coffee, Feed Cork is able to purchase a meat, vegetable, and dairy product to place in a food basket that will feed a family for two to three days.

By donating €3, you can help us fight food poverty and “take away hunger” right where you live. It is very simple and easy to give. By clicking on the donate button below, you can choose to give a once off donation or you can join with others in a weekly commitment by selecting “make this a monthly donation”. Thank-you for your support in fighting hunger and food poverty in Cork!

Food Poverty

10% of the Irish population live in food poverty.

Income Deficit

Social Justice Ireland produced a study in 2016 with a shocking outcome:750,000 people in Ireland live in poverty.

Child Hunger

The reported in April 2015, that 1 in 5 Irish children go to school every day or to bed hungry every night.

Education and Crime

Children who suffer from Food Poverty are 22% more likely to end up with a criminal record and drop out of school.