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Our City, Our People

Helping Families and Individuals in Need


Feed Cork is the humanitarian department of Cork Church. We partner with local agencies & businesses to help fight food poverty in Cork. We supply a three day supply of nutritional food for individuals & families in need. (CHY): 13718 (RCN): 20043421.

We are able to provide almost 18:1 social value. Which means that we can get €18 worth of services out of every €1 that you donate. Monthly donations underpin our service. It means that we can plan and invest into the future.

Help us continue to support families in Cork by donating today!

Do you want to support?


Do you need support?

We understand that times are increasingly tough and sometimes making ends meet just isn't possible. If you would like to avail of our services then book an appointment by texting the number below and one of dedicated team of volunteers will get back to you.

Text 089 273 3324

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