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Be part of the fight to end food poverty: why should you help us?

The issue of food poverty often goes unnoticed and those in food poverty often feel ashamed. At Feed Cork, we go out of our way to help remove the stigma and offer a dignified food bank experience. Our food bank is arranged like a typical food store and a café-style waiting room. The Feed Cork food bank  provides for 180 families each week and, in our first 5 years, we have provided 2 million meals to families.

Be part of the fight to end food poverty: why should you help us?

Food poverty impacts 1 in 10 families in Ireland. The COVID-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis has pushed more people into food poverty. By working with Feed Cork, your business can make a real difference to those families and individuals living in food poverty. Corporate philanthropy can strengthen Cork’s community and support vulnerable groups. Support from your business is invaluable to us and will go a long way towards ending food poverty.

As you help the community around you, by Incorporating a corporate giving initiative in your business, you  will indicate to your customers that you care for the wider society.

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Helping us will help you to:

1)          Boost Your Reputation: Having a corporate giving initiative and then working on it will indicate to your customers that you care for the wider society and as you help the community around you. Your business will therefore be recognised as doing good for society which will boost the business’ reputation and increase brand loyalty.

2)           Improve the Community: By working with us you can make meaningful change helping us in our efforts to reduce food poverty and continue to provide the necessary service these people need for a chance to get out of food poverty.

3)           Build Links with your Community: Working closely with Feed Cork will help you to establish strong links with your local community as you are actively getting involved at helping to build a better community.  

4)           Improve Employee Engagement and Morale: By giving your employees the opportunity to get involved in  philanthropic activities like fundraising for Feed Cork will help them to feel part of something that benefits the wider society, helping to create a positive workplace.

Helping us will help us to:

1)              Improve Charity Longevity: The relationships with corporations will help our charity to continue to fight food poverty and provide the necessary support to help individuals and their families in need.

2)              Provide Financial Backing: Corporate donations will provide Feed Cork with some financial backing which is greatly needed to continue our efforts and grow the charity so Feed Cork can help more people in Cork.

3)              Magnify the impact of our resources: By harnessing corporate support, Feed Work will have a greater ability to combat food insecurity. The support from corporations will help us to expand the quantity of resources at hand, improving the quality of service provided, and making the food bank even better for our clients. 

Corporate support is more than helping us financially, it is about helping vulnerable people living with food insecurity. By supporting us, you are helping to facilitate the growth of your local community and ensure that  it is well looked after. Supporting Feed Cork will mean that your business can actively pursue your values, magnifying the chance to see real positive change and improving our society as a whole.

To find out more on how your business can support Feed Cork through philanthropic initiatives or to explore opportunities to partner with us then please                                 With your support, we can help to end hunger and create an even better Cork.

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