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How you can Support Feed Cork: Practical Ways for Corporations to Support Feed Cork

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If you would like to help us then here are some ideas of what you can do to support Feed Cork

1)    Corporate Donation Drives: Arrange for donation drives and enable food and fund raising among your employees on behalf of Feed Cork. You could spur employees' involvement by having competitions between departments and teams which will increase donations.

2)    Charity Fundraising Events: Putting on events within your organisation to raise funds for Feed Cork.

3)    Employee Volunteer Initiative: Have initiatives in place to encourage staff to donate their time and their skills to foster a culture of giving within the organisation.

4)    Skill-based Help: Offer some free consultation services leveraging the skills of your employees to help Feed Cork in a meaningful manner. This help will be invaluable for Feed Cork as it will allow the charity to work more efficiently and increase its efficacy.

5)    Food Poverty Campaign: Work with Feed Cork and use your media channels to campaign against food poverty and spread awareness for the issue and in turn increase the charity’s visibility with part of the proceeds being donated. Using your channels will help to magnify the campaign’s impact.

6)    Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities:  Host and sponsor events or help fund programmes or look for opportunities to collaborate to show your support for Feed Cork.

If you want to discuss corporate partnership opportunities then please 

We want to partner with you to make a lasting difference to the lives of the people in need in Cork. By showing your support for Feed Cork you won’t just be fulfilling your corporate social responsibility promises, you will also play a vital role in combating food poverty.

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