Food is donated

Tesco, Lidl, Food Cloud, M&S and others provide food in which our volunteers pack into boxes. If your business would like to get involved in donating food or supplies, please get in touch

Volunteers sort the food

Feed Cork is a non-profit charity that relies on the help of our team of volunteers to sort and help distribute food. Every Tuesday Dozens of volunteers come through our door, give up their time to bless others. We spend a few hours of the day packing boxes full of food, organising the boxes and amount of food to make sure everyone gets a fair share.

Food is distributed

The doors open at 12pm, families and individuals receive a three day supply of nutritious food each week, more volunteers are present packing bags for the families and individuals.

What We've Achieved in the first 18 months

  • 500,000 meals have been handed out

  • 5,000 people feed

  • Operating in 4 locations

  • Opened school program (3 schools)

  • 200+ volunteers on board

  • Around 20 business donate weekly