After school fuel

‘After School Fuel’ is the latest initiative from Feed Cork. September of 2018 the Feed Cork team realised that children in our schools in Cork were going home at the weekend with no food to see them through to Monday morning. What we discovered was that these children were receiving two meals in school during the week but then had no access to a proper meal during the weekend.

This was something that we decided should not be happening and went about trying to begin an initiative so that it was not happening. After much thought, ‘After School Fuel’ was launched in November 2018.

This initiative began with one school in November and already has the backing of three further schools (January 2019). The first school that we began to work with have around 200 children, out of these 200 they identified 50 who leave school on a Friday and have no food for the weekend. That is 1 in 4 children. A shocking statistic and one that we want to see changed.

This new programme provides a backpack of food; 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners as well as a number of healthy snacks. This means that these children will not go hungry at the weekend.

To provide this each week it costs around €3 per child per week.

Recently we met with a cluster group of 20 schools. They were very supportive of the ‘After School Fuel’ programme that we have started and are keen to come on board.

It has been identified that there are around 500 children in Cork who are in the same situation of going home at the weekend and not having any food again until Monday morning.

Once we have this food programme established, it is our goal to then establish a mentoring programme for these children. This will then be a holistic service that will be available for these children to help them get the best possible start in life.